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Does Your Roof Need Cleaning?

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Roof And Walls

• Hot Coating / Silver Coating Installation.

• Rubber Roofing Installation.

• Gutters / Down Spout Installation.

• Capping Installation

• Teed's Vinyl Siding Installation

• Aluminum Siding Installation

Longevity is a major factor homeowners should consider carefully when selecting any residential roofing company. In addition to adding curb appeal, better quality roofing products last longer. While budget considerations are always important, professional roofers know the value of using high-end materials, especially in regions where snow and hail are common. Better quality roofing products simply stand up better under adverse weather conditions. Consult our professionals at Legacy Construction to see what we have to say about your aging roof!

Major Benefits to a New Roof Replacement

• Reduce your heating and cooling energy costs

• Add value to your home

• Protect your home's structural integrity

• Have peace of mind knowing your roof's condition

• Get rid of mold and leaks impacting your health


You may not have to pay anything for your new roof if your insurance company covers it. Let us help you to find out!


Our roofing professionals are available to come examine your roof today. We'll come to your location and perform a thorough inspection in order to pinpoint your precise needs before getting to work on completing your job quickly. We'll even offer complete cleanup when we're done. Customer satisfaction is our goal on all of our jobs, which can include:



If you would like more information about our roof installation,  contact us here or call us for a consolation.