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From interior to exterior painting

Performing a full scale repainting of a home can sometimes be a very long and extensive project for a DIY home owner. At Legacy Construction, we start all of our paint projects with efficiency and precision in mind. We will prepare your wall surfaces of your home before we begin painting so that every wall has an all around even coat. If necessary, removal of the old paint can give your home that perfect paint job.


We offer a wide range of residential and commercial painting services from power-washing decks and homes, interior and exterior painting and staining, as well as spackling, skim-coating and sheetrock / water damage repairs


One of the main concerns of our customers is their furniture when we are painting the walls.  After moving all the furniture to the center of the room, we cover your personal belongings with plastic from top to bottom. Then we lay canvas drop cloths over any exposed flooring. We remove outlet and light switch covers, carefully tape-off and protect other items that may be vulnerable to falling paint droplets. We turn on bright work-lights and begin any spackling that may be necessary, filling small holes from picture hangers, big holes from door knobs, and any visible blemishes in the walls or ceiling. We then prime any repaired areas, or bare wood or bare sheetrock, and apply finish paint to manufacturer's specifications. You can be sure that everything will be safe and clean when we have achieved your perfect color scheme.


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