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Location & Navigation

It's important to know where you're going when out in bodies of water. Shallow water, strong currents, and many other factors can prove to be real problems. Auto FX sells and installs depth finders, GPS systems, and lighting for your boat to keep you safe while traversing bodies of water, day and night.

Electronics can be used for entertainment or to help you cross the seven seas. Auto FX can install electronic compasses, radars, and even a chartplotter. We can also install radios with the ability to connect your MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite tunes.
Graphics & Signage

Boats provide a great opportunity to customize how you ride. Auto FX installs graphics on your boat for everyone to see and enjoy. We also provide signage in case you wanted to advertise with your boat. Regardless of what you add to your boat, it will be a spectacle for all you pass by.
Audio / Video Systems

Auditory & Visual additions to your boat can be an enjoyable asset when navigating the waters. Auto FX provides Satellite TV, Radios, and more for installation to your boat. Ask us about all we have to offer If your in need of some entertainment to go along with that relaxing ocean breeze.
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