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TiresHere at AutoFX, we have all types of tires .We got them all.  Whether it's 15" or 16" for your off road vehicle; 17", 18" or 19" for the tuners or 20" and up to fit on just about anything, we got you covered.  With a full selection of tires we provide mount, high speed balance, locks & lugs, all installed at our facility.

All-Season tires
These types of tires are designated “the best all-around tire” because they strike a balance between performance, traction under wet conditions, mileage and noise reduction. All-Season tires come standard with most new vehicles. 
Winter-Use tires
Winter-use tires are designed for low temperature conditions. They are made of soft rubber that heats up while driving in the cold for improved grip on snow and ice. These types of tires for cars and trucks also feature more sipes than traditional tires, which create more biting edges for increased traction on snow and ice.
All-Terrain tires
All-terrain tires are intended for use on light trucks and SUVs. For added puncture resistance, all-terrain tires have sidewalls that are more rigid than all-season radials. These types of tires also feature large tread block patterns to pull mud from the contact patch and improve grip on loose sand or dirt in off-road conditions. 
Performance tires
Among the many different types of tires available, performance tires are the ones to choose when you want to maximize road contact. Designed for high speed and aggressive driving, they feature a softer rubber compound that increases traction and improves cornering, as well as lower profiles to reduce sidewall flex under stress.
Off-Toad tires (Mud Terrain)
Off-Road tires are designed specifically for non-highway use. They feature chunky tread blocks and a higher void ration than even all-terrain tires in order to maximize traction in loose soil, muddy or snowy conditions.

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