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Window Tinting

In need of painting or decals for a fleet of cars? We provide fleet car painting. Anywhere from taxis to police cars, we can do everything. Don't be afraid to ask us about having your fleet customized to stand out amongst the rest.

We'll install your sirens, lights, radios, just about anything you could possibly need in your fleet vehicles.


Other Vehicles

BusesHere at AutoFX, we don't just handle cars. We handle all types of vehicles, by helping out our customers with all types of vehicle problems they have. We have a standing history with fixing school buses, company cars, boats, trucks and police vehicles. To assure our customers satisfaction, we always treat the cars with love and care. Here at AutoFX, we get all of our parts from the best manufacturers in the country. Along with those parts, we have a outstanding workforce who gets your vehicle done fast, and with one hundred percent accuracy.

Trucks If you want any type of graphics on your vehicle, look no further. Here at AutoFX we can put your favorite things on all types of vehicles. When it comes to tinting your vehicle, new lighting, new electronics, and even new accessories we can assure you that the job will get done on time, and with efficiency. Come visit AutoFX today!



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