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Window TintingWindow tinting is window film that has been designed to protect your windows from heat caused by sunlight; as well as, IR and UV light. In order to do this, Dyes, metals, and micro-ceramics are layered between two layers of polyester film. The type, amount, and quality of the dyes, metals and ceramics used in the manufacturing process determine the quality and durability of the finished product; window tinting. More simply, window tinting is two layers of polyester film bonded together, what is between those layers determines its different characteristics and qualities; like, shade, color, heat absorption, UV reflection, security, etc.

Basically, sunlight is electromagnetic energy. Portions of the electromagnetic energy we perceive as light, the balance, IR and UV, we cannot see but we are still affected by. In order to reduce heat, and other damage caused by the sun, the energy it produces must be absorbed or reflected. If it is not absorbed or reflected, it is transmitted through the window.

All window tint is covered by a Life Time Warranty.  There will never be any fading or cracking. The rear window is One Complete Piece so no edges or visible lines. 

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Window TintingGraphics can make your car look fantastic. Whether it be a company logo or a more personal touch, they're sure to spruce up your car. Decals are a great way to get your point across. A lot of people notice when your car looks different, and all you have to do to advertise is just drive around to your jobs. If you want people to know what you do, you can get a decal to show them you mean business.

Lettering is also an option for your car. You can have your website, email, phone number, anything you want about your business right on your car. Just make sure you carry around your business card if you get this done, everyone's going to be asking for it!

Full packages are avaliable for whatever you need- from company lettering to wild air brush designs.  All are digitally printed and computer cut.  They can come in a multitude of colors to suit your need. 

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Car WrapDon't want to be caught in the rear view? Customized vehicle wraps from AutoFx will keep you miles ahead of the competition! Vehicle wrapping is one of the fastest growing mediums in advertising and will give you an outstanding return on investment, compared to other media.

Virtually every American travels in a vehicle each week as either a driver or a passenger - so your odds of being noticed as a moving billboard are very good, especially with quality graphics on vinyl vehicle wraps.

At AutoFx, our team of highly trained professionals will work with you to determine the best and most cost-effective solution to turn your company vehicle into a high-impact advertisement.

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